Hostess Gift Idea #1

Hostess Gift Idea #1

I’m in the season of life where everyone seems to be buying or moving into a new space. Whether it’s a first apartment after college, a first-home or forever home, or even downsizing - you can’t show up to see the new digs empty handed.

Let’s make it easy! With a few simple items on hand, you can quickly pull together a thoughtful (and usable/consumable) hostess gift that won’t break the bank.

*Bonus points if you can locally source everything!*

1. Small bowl with a Penny Pouch. Hit up your favorite local pottery shop (or HomeGoods or a thrift store) for a cute little bowl. Look for a fun glaze or pattern, wood grain, or a colorful design and about 5” in diameter. Take a square piece of cellophane (think hard saran wrap like you see gift baskets tied up in) about 3x as wide as your bowl and place the bowl with the penny pouch in the middle. Gather the cellophane at the top and tie with a fun ribbon or twine and attach a heartfelt note. Viola!

2. Specialty beer (or pony of bubbly) with a Penny Jar. Visit your favorite local craft beer shop and select something fun. You can go with the recipient’s favorite Porter or IPA, something from the nearest brewery to their new place, or heck - just find a fun label that catches your eye. Stack the beer on top of the Penny Jar (spicy chipotle or traditional!), wrap snugly with cellophane, and there you go! This can also be put together with a cute mini-bottle of prosecco or sparkling wine. 

3. A bottle of wine with a Penny Carton. Grab your favorite bubbly, white, or red wine (we love Cabs and Merlots with Pennies) and place behind the Penny Carton so that the labels are back to back, facing out. Wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon or twine with a note. Here’s a gift that will definitely get you invited back.

Stay Cheesin!

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