The Inside Scoop on Small Businesses

The Inside Scoop on Small Businesses

Spring equates growth, rebirth, blooming.

But growth is scary- especially when you can't see the finish line.

 This month brought team turnover, new flavor testing, operational shifts, branding updates, and big trade shows expenses 😔

 When I find myself overwhelmed, I think back to our start.

 In September 2020, I baked my Grandbetty's cheese Pennies to send to loved ones during quarantine to help them "Stay Cheesin." A family recipe I grew up making alongside my Dad.

 I pinched Pennies on to two sheet pans and used a two rack oven in my Chapel Hill rental house. It took me eight hours to bake a small batch.  

 When Pennies caught on in my community and social media, I decided to use the product as my MBA entrepreneurship topic and brand the "company" Piedmont Pennies, after the Piedmont region of North Carolina, where I'm from.

 I launched the website, texted my family group chat with the news, and my sister said, "How are you going to fulfill all of the orders?" I laughed and said, "I don't know. I'll cross that bridge when we get there 😀"

 Sheer ignorance fueled by a dream

 After a LOT of hard work, stress, smiles, help from friends, advice from mentors...

Today, we use 1000+ commercial sheet pans, a 60 rack oven, and bake 40x in a day what I did in my kitchen. We bake several days a week, have two flavors, and 300+ amazingly supportive retailers in 19+ states. 

 Change is hard. Growth is scary. But no rain, no rainbows 🌈

 I believe good things are coming your way and mine.

Walk with joy, and we will attract joy in return.


 I hope you Stay Cheesin! 😀



P.S. I want to give shout outs to those who've helped Pennies along the way.

This one goes out to Kristin McCarthy, my friend who happened to be my undergrad sorority chef. She spent WEEKS baking Penny holiday orders with me during COVID and we wouldn't be in business right now without her. I love you, Kristin. Thanks for sharing your big heart with me.

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