May Vibes 🔆⛳ Pennies & PGA

May Vibes 🔆⛳ Pennies & PGA

And just like that... It's almost summer...

For North Carolina, that means summer sunshine, afternoon showers, and humidity...

Fresh strawberries, dripping popsicles, dinner alfresco, and the smell of sunscreen in the salty air.

I heard the term, "May-cember," the other day and it stuck with me.

May, like December, is hectic for most.

School dismissal. Graduation festivities. Road trips. Summer camps. Family-time. Pool days.

 With packed schedules, it's hard to live in the moment.

 To slow down, on summer weekends I enjoy a cold glass of pinot grigio and open a jar of Pennies. I'm immediately transported to family vacations at Sunset Beach, NC.

 Wherever your May-cember takes you, I hope Pennies will help you slow down and appreciate the most important things... Time with your family and friends.


 Stay Cheesin! 😀


P.S. Each newsletter I give shout outs to those who've helped Pennies along the way. This one is for Madison Beaman Parrott, my best pal from college. Raised in Kinston (Eastern NC), Madison is beautiful inside and out, honest, selfless, full of energy, and our biggest advocate. She's dropped off samples, sent Pennies as gifts, shared constructive criticism, AND worked our booth at the Atlanta's Mart trade show.

 Thank you, Madison, for helping our small business, and most importantly, being my friend.

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