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  • Becca with her Grandbetty the recipe creator of Piedmont Pennies

    A family recipe

    Becca's Grandbetty enhanced a southern cheese straw recipe, making it irresistibly crunchy and delightfully spicy. Growing up, Becca's Dad taught her learned how to 'pinch Pennies' for holiday gifts.

  • A class project

    After years in corporate America and many 5-star Penny reviews, Becca launched "Piedmont Pennies" as an MBA class project to help the world "Stay Cheesin" during COVID-19.

  • A community

    Today, Piedmont Pennies bakes full-time in Charlotte, NC. Penny Pals (our loyal customers) can find Pennies in retail stores in 20 states, Canada, as well as online, shipping nationally.

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