Summer Picnic Must-Haves

Summer Picnic Must-Haves

Warm Days, Blue Skies, and Extra Time: Ideal for a Summer Picnic!

Cheap, practical, unique and fun Amazon essentials for a picnic on a perfect sunny day or romantic summer night.

1. First things first… adorable group-size picnic blanket 

A shareable, portable, waterproof, sand-proof, and machine-washable blanket available in a variety of summer colors. Perfect for a date, family picnic, or happy hour with friends!

2. Cold happy hour glasses

Ideal for daytime refreshments or happy hour delights. Portable cup with lid and freezable gel for keeping drinks cool. Set of two available in various vibrant summer colors, choose your favorite!

3. Picnic basket 2.0

A picnic essential! An all-inclusive basket is tailor-made for a perfect picnic date. Insulated to keep snacks fresh and refreshments cold, it comes complete with cutlery for 4, plastic wine glasses, and a bottle opener. Plus, it features a convenient stand-up table ideal for food or a charcuterie board, with holders for wine cups.

4. My personal favorite picnic snack… Piedmont Pennies cheese crackers

A unique and delicious twist on cheese straws, perfect to complement a happy hour or add to a charcuterie board. The bite-sized snack is a southern, tasty, and shareable snack everyone at the picnic will enjoy.

5. For the kids - a portable snack holder

Children at the picnic? This bento-style lunch container comes with a fun snack wheel, has space for all their snacks and food, and can be easily packed in the basket. 

6. Amp up the picnic with a portable speaker!

Spice up the picnic with great music. This portable and waterproof speaker fits right into the picnic basket and can give you and your group the perfect tunes.

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